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Defensive & Offensive Linemen Training

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1-on-1 Private Training
(1 Athlete)
Small Group Training
(2-3 Athletes)
Big Group Training
(4-12 Athletes)
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Coach Davis Elite DL & OL School:


The Lineman positions are the most underrated and unattractive positions in the game of football. Contrary to popular belief the most glorified positions in the sport wouldn't matter without linemen. We pride ourselves on being "BIG SKILLZ", capable of achieving the same athletic accolades as skills, while dominating in the trenches. Mastery of locomotion, moving heavy weight fast and efficiently is our focus. Ridding the mind of the clichés that exist, what linemen can't and don't prefer to do. Our mission is to build the most solid foundation of confidence, that upholds an immovable structure of immortal being. Dare to be the Greatest Version of yourself Everyday through Every Play. -L.I.F.E. Coach Davis

If you have a question about training sessions, please fill out the information below. Please include a detailed inquiry.

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Choose From 3 Training Options

1on1 training packages are for athletes who are either new to the position, or for those who want to focus on their specific goals. Exclusivity and a personalized training program will be made available. Limited Spots Available!!!


1on1 Open sessions are open to 2-3 clients max. We keep this small so each client's goals can be address. We will operate with an iron sharpens iron mentality.

Each player will receive solid individual feedback. Film sessions are available for all packages.

(2-3 PEOPLE)

Group training packages allow athletes to participate in organized pre-programmed sessions determined by the needs of individuals in the group. Detailed execution, by creating permanent movement pattern will be the focus.

(4-12 PEOPLE)

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