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Gold Package (Full Year) "Save $80"

  • 52Weeks


Upon purchase, you will be contacted by Missing Element (within 24 hours) to set up your Online (app) Coaching process. *Specialized 4-week workout plan *Proper form examples *Weekly “ME” content *Specialized Diet & Nutrition Plan How Online Coaching Works! Step 01- Collect data on you based on your wants and needs. Step 02- Once our beginning numbers are established, we will build a program based on your needs. (We typically recommend a minimum of 12 weeks to get serious results). Step 03- I understand that even though not required, the best results come from focused training of 12 weeks or more. Step 04- I understand that Missing Element coaches will answer my emails/msgs within 24 hours. Step 05- I understand I must follow the program with 100% focus and intensity. Step 06- I understand I will need to provide feedback via assignments, surveys, photos, and videos based on my goals. Step 07- I understand that I will need to train anywhere from 3-6 days per week with each session ranging from 30-120 minutes depending on my goals. Step 08- I understand that your time is valuable. Complaining, substitutions, and excuses are not tolerated unless it is an absolute must. Step 09- I understand that it takes ownership of myself to give all my effort, dedication, drive, and commitment. Step 10- I am sure that I can afford this elite coaching program and believe I am a great fit for it to ultimately invest in myself.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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