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We Value Community

We invite all participants in the

AAYFDT Community

to Missing Element Sports Performance


About Missing Element Sports

Missing Element Sports Performance and Fitness was established by founder Mister Alexander and Director TyMagic Robinson, who bring a combined 28 years of expertise in coaching and athletic training. Mister Alexander is a former NFL linebacker and an alumnus of Florida State University, while TyMagic Robinson, is a record holder in the 60-meter sprint and former collegiate football player of Sam Houston State University. The core mission of Missing Element is to equip local youth for success beyond school, fostering well-rounded individuals who are poised for academic and athletic scholarships. We understand, achieving a mission of this magnitude requires personnel who bring unique skillsets, expertise, and first-hand experience to guide our youth efficiently. Therefore, we have partnered with collegiate, and former professional athletes who share the same passions. We hope to be recognized as a valuable asset in the Klein, Tomball, Conroe & Spring areas. 

AAYFDT Membership Benefits


Athlete Memberships

Our strength and conditioning sessions are tailored to enhance fundamental athletic attributes such as strength, speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness, and endurance. We welcome all athletes, football, track, volleyball, cheerleaders, basketball, etc...

12 Sessions

Only $120/Month

for June & July


Position Specific Training

 Led by our team of highly qualified position trainers/coaches, these sessions are dedicated to refining the technical skills and positional expertise required for optimal performance on the field.

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We will respond ASAP.

Time to improve!!!

Only $25/Session



+ Position/Sports Specific Training Bundle

AAYFDT athletes of all sports who are participants in football, cheer, or drill should take advantage of our bundled training package. A special price for our partners.

16 Sessions

Only $240/Month

for June & July

Youth Athlete Memberships

Youth Athletes (1st-6th graders)

- We will establish a  strong athletic foundation by

developing Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, & Quickness. 

These athletes will spend 3 days per week being exposed

to training techniques with the purpose of creating permanent

changes in their overall movement patterns.

Weekly Training Days/Time:  Mon, Wed, Fri

- Morning Session

10am -11:15am 

- Afternoon Sessions

* 12pm-1:15pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm

Black and White Photo Collage Ski Poster (1).jpeg

Position Specific Training Add-Ons

Missing Element Sports Performance & Fitness is focused on

being a highly valued asset to the community.

Therefore, we have partnered with former NFL & former College

Athletes who have transitioned into experienced coaches/trainers.

Their passion is to provide the knowledge and expertise needed

to ensure every athlete is more than prepared to dominate their


Only $25 per Session w/Membership

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