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Speed Development & Track & Field

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Welcome to the Chris Dykes School of Speed Development and Track and Field.

At Missing Element Sports, we understand that sprint mechanics are the foundation of all dynamic movement. Therefore to develop superior athleticism one must be exposed to those principles early and often.

Our goal is to grow as a resource to the community, so who better to guide our youth to become dominate athletes than Coach Dykes.

Coach Dykes is a lifetime track and field athlete who reached elite levels of achievement within the sport. Below is a list of his achievements and qualifications. The Missing Element team is proud to follow his lead

Texas A&M University graduate as a National Champion.

Competed on two Team USA National Teams

14x All American

Semi Finalist at USA Olympic Trials

Gold Medalist USA NACAC 4x100m 2008


Youth Speed

Academy Enrollment


Teen Speed

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Adult Speed

Academy Enrollment



Small Group.

Big Group.

Track & Field Training

Speed Academy

As an athlete you have a chance and a choice. Both options present the opportunity for YOU to get better. To get results that have yet to be obtained, you have to exceed anything that you have done. At Chris Dykes's Speed Academy we offer top notch expertise in the Area of Track and Field.

Speed Academy Info.

What We Do:

  • Block Starts & Acceleration Patterns

  • Proper Running, Jumping, & Throwing Technique.

  • Speed & Acceleration Development

  • Plyometrics, Strength, Conditioning

Who We Train:

  • Early Development is key!! A lot of our youth don’t get started with the Proper Mechanics early enough. So we start as early as age 5 through Collegiate and Professional athletes.

What To Expect:

  • Elite levels of knowledge

  • Early Exposure

  • Year Round Availability

  • Qualified Coaches

  • Coach Davis: Throws

  • Coach Mister: Jumps

  • Coach Dykes: Sprints/Hurdles

  • Coach Magic: Sprints

  • Coach Bailey: Throws

Choose From 3 Training Options

1on1 training packages are for athletes who are either new to the discipline/event, or for those who want to focus on their specific goals. Exclusivity and a personalized training program will be made available. Limited Spots Available!!!


Small group sessions are open to 2-5 clients max. We keep this small so each client's goals can be address. We will operate with an iron sharpens iron mentality.

Each player will receive solid individual feedback. Film sessions are available for all packages.

(2-5 PEOPLE)

Group training packages allow athletes to participate in organized pre-programmed sessions determined by the needs of individuals in the group. Detailed execution, by creating permanent movement pattern will be the focus.

(4-12 PEOPLE)

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